Hog roasts

Greenway Pork – the finest rare breeds with real ‘old fashioned’ pork flavour. At Greenway we have been keeping pigs for about eight years, and specialise in some of the rarer, traditional breeds that modern day farming can sometimes overlook – breeds such as the Gloucester Old Spot, Oxford Sandy and Black, Middle White, Tamworth and Saddleback. We keep them in small numbers in their own field with plenty of space to roam and a warm shelter.

Fattened slowly on a diet of organic pig nuts and fruit and vegetable scraps, the meat is always succulent and the crackling unsurpassed! We can provide a hog roast for parties of 50 – 200, including giant baps, apple sauce, stuffing and, of course, crispy crackling. We can also include salads, roast potatoes and desserts if you wish – call us on 07557 449591 now for a quote.

We also sell home-made sausages direct from the farm, including leek and apple, and Cumberland, using only the finest pork, rusk and flavourings. They are £4 for a pack of 6.


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